Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things will settle into a routine for a while now that Jon is home from the States. He was reasonably well-rested and suffering no apparent jet-lag when he left for work this morning [although it seemed to catch up with him by the time the boys were in bed]. Carter went off to school; Briton went to the gym; and we stayed with Ati and Mariati to watch over Caiden. Briton came home long enough to shower and head out to a meeting for work. We spent lots of time repeatedly completing a jigsaw puzzle with Caiden.

After lunch at home [chicken sausage for most; cheese and crackers for MA], we joined Briton in going to Carter’s school to watch the afternoon soccer practice. Carter ran around like a maniac along with 5 other youngsters while D took both photos and video. The day was hot and humid [surprise!] and we were all bushed by the time we got home.

The campus for the Jakarta International School is tremendous and the school serves students from more than a dozen countries. Tomorrow is UN Day, so there were many groups rehearsing their presentations for tomorrow’s school-wide assembly. Carter’s contribution is to bring cookies for his class; he and MA made them when we returned from school.

Jon was home for dinner, as promised under penalty of injury, and the boys were really glad to see and be with him. Mariati made a ramen noodle and chicken dish for supper and served it with a small tossed salad and prawn crackers. Early to bed again since we will probably be up at six again. It was just another typical day in equatorial Southeast Asia.

We have decided to bring Mariati home with us. Not only is she disgustingly polite and friendly, she is a good cook and a laundry maniac. Jon joked 2 years ago that in 6 months he had worn only 3 outfits. We can understand his statement, joking as it was. Mariati does laundry every day. We put our clothes in a hamper in our room and, somehow, it is clean and folded on our bed before supper. It takes a conscious effort to use more than a two-day rotation. What will we do when we go away this weekend or next week? What will we do when we are back in WPB?????

[Pictures to follow]

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