Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day filled with Grandsons

Our day was not a nightmare but was filled with grandsons. This morning we went with Briton and Caiden to a local playground which includes a small water park. We watched Caiden splash around and then play on the “dry’ equipment. When he was bored with that, we went to Gourmet Garage again for lunch.[Briton=sushi; MA=the chicken burger again; D=fish and chips] Hey, we like the place and Caiden was kept occupied coloring with Grandma. We got him home late for his nap and immediately turned around and went [without Briton] to Carter’s school to watch his soccer practice. The high point here was the duck-duck-goose competition. These kids are the Bad News Bears of soccer, but they seemed to have a good time and to enjoy each other’s company. Socialization trumps athleticism any day.

Carter’s tooth started bothering him on the way home. First he wailed and moaned; then he fell asleep. He keeps getting food caught in one particular spot and won’t be able to see the dentist until next week. Caiden was cranky when we got home and they seemed to take turns until bedtime. Jon, too, is still under the weather. He says that he feels different on his medication but not necessarily better. Briton researched his condition [after all, she has an MA in public health] and told him that such infections are common but only a tiny percentage become as serious as his is. Comforting. MA is still fighting her normal vacation cold, so things are normal.

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